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Preparing for the Coronavirus Outbreak

With confirmed cases of the COVID-19 now surpassing 200,000 infections worldwide and growing concern in North America about the possibility of an extremely serious pandemic situation, preparing to protect your family has never been more critical.

This manual has been created to assist you in taking out the guesswork on understanding the current COVID-19 threat while providing you factual information on how it spreads and how to prepare you and your family for the potential of a global health crisis.

The Corona Virus Preparation Guide Components

The manual is comprised of six sections and is the result of extensively researched and verified data written by experts on the COVID-19 Virus. These six sections focus on each major component of preparing for a potential pandemic in your area.

  1. Extensive up-to-date medical information on the COVID-19 Virus.
  2. Detailed step by step protocols on how to protect yourself and family from the virus.
  3. What do to if you or someone comes in contact with an infected individual or becomes infected.
  4. How to prepare your home for the potential of a quarantine including food reserves and needed supplies.
  5. Preparing a First Aid Kit and preparing for home medical treatment.
  6. Protecting your home and a home defense strategy.

The manual is continually being updated as more knowledge of the COVID-19 virus is discovered and will ensure you have all the information you need to ensuring you are as prepared as possible for a state of medical emergency in your community.

Section One – What We Know About the COVID-19 Virus

Having a factual understanding of the coronavirus is key to protecting your family from it – as well as planning for what may happen in the future as it begins to spread.  Painstakingly researched and continually updated, the manual contains a detailed medical analysis in easy to understand terms on what the COVID-19 virus is, how it spreads and why the medical community is watching it so closely.

In this section you will learn the following important points

  • How the COVID-19 virus is related to MERS and SARS.
  • Clinical symptoms of the coronavirus family.
  • Why COVID-19 in some cases leads to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
  • Why the virus can attack other organs than the lungs.
  • How the virus is transmitted.
  • What the incubation and infection period is.
  • What are your chances of getting seriously ill from the COVID-19 virus.
  • How doctors are treating infected patients.
  • What the actual outlook is for a vaccine and its timeline.

Section Two – Dealing With the Corona Virus

In this section, the manual provides factual answers based on extensive research that focuses on reducing the chances of you or your family contracting the COVID-19 virus as well as what to do if you either become infected or are in contact with someone who is.    Numerous vital topics are covered in detail regarding important information including…

  1. Update research on how long the virus can live on surfaces.
  2. How to increase your immunity to the COVID-19 Virus.
  3. How to properly disinfect your home including laundry and surfaces.
  4. The home formula disinfection published by the Journal of Medical Infection.
  5. What to do if someone you or a family member becomes infected.
  6. How to quarantine and treat an infected person in your home.
  7. Detailed list of symptoms and the timeline of a COVID-19 infection.

In addition, this section focuses on being prepared to deal with the probability of an infection in your home as well as how to reduce the spread of the virus if you are in an infected area of the country.

Section Three – Understanding Pandemics and Human Behavior

As already been observed with panic buying at retail outlets like Costco and Walmart – in times of potential crisis the impact of human behavior and psychology plays an important role in preparing for a disruption in day to day life.   In section 3 of the Coronavirus Preparation Manual, we cover how an overwhelmed medical system can spark a chain reaction of critical events and how the authorities are likely to deal with it.   Topics covered include…

  1. Critical mass and the overwhelming of health care infrastructure.
  2. Vital services disruption and breakdown.
  3. The pending crisis in the supply chain for food and basis goods.
  4. Medical personnel versus available resources.
  5. How those that are not prepared for shortages will become desperate.
  6. Why the likelihood of a large scale quarantine is on the horizon and how to prepare for it.

With an understanding of what the COVID-19 virus is and how it spreads – as well as a background in societal crisis behavior,  we can now move on to section four which provides the framework for creating and executing your preparation plan.

Section Four – Creating and Executing Your Plan

With an understand of what the COVID-19 virus is and how it spreads – as well as how humans in times of crisis are apt to respond and behave – you know will have an advanced foundation for creating a plan for you and your family.   In this section, you’ll be provided with the framework to successfully prepare for a quarantine and what is going to be involved in the process.   Key areas of this section include the following topics explained in detail.

  1. Customizing your needs based on your lifestyle and family.
  2. The primary areas of consideration you should create detailed plans for.
  3. The importance of determining your ” Circle of Care “
  4. Preparing and planning for a disruption in your finances.
  5. How much food you will need to have on hand for six weeks.
  6. What to buy and how to store it.
  7. How to ensure that you have everything you will need for a potential quarantine.
  8. How much your plan will cost.

This section is a critical element of the manual and provides everything you need to ensure your preparation plan will see you and your family through an extended medical and societal crisis.

Section Five – Medical Planning

As there is a high degree of probability that hospitals and medical centers will become overwhelmed, having the ability to provide you own medical treatment is an important element of your planning.   In this section, we will cover how to create an professional medical grade first aid kit as well as take into account the possibility of having to treat an infected family member at home if the hospitals are unable to take any more patients.   This section of the manual includes the following topics.

  1. Creating and stocking your first aid kit.
  2. Personalizing your medical first aid needs to your family’s needs.
  3. Obtaining medical field manuals in the case of no internet availability
  4. Creating a plan for ensuring all medications for your circle of care are adequate.
  5. What you will need to care for a person infected with the COVID-19

It is important to remember that in addition to the expected possibility of hospitals having to deal with large amounts of patients, all of the typical medical emergencies and treatments that perform on a daily basis will still be taking place and you cannot count on being able to get treatment.

Section Six – Protecting Your Home and Family

There remains the possibility that during a pandemic crisis that areas of law and order may be challenged by criminals as well as people that did not have the foresight to prepare for a shortage of food or a quarantine.  Being able to protect your family during this period is critical and in this section of the Coronavirus Preparation Guide, you’ll receive expert advice on securing your home, preparing a self defense plan and what you will need to stay safe if the situation becomes serious or your home and family is threatened.   In this section, the following key points are covered.

  1. Securing your home against burglary or invasion.
  2. Recommended weapons for self defense for both lethal and nonlethal response.
  3. Protecting your food supplies, medicine and possessions.
  4. How to remain situational aware in a crisis

In addition, this section discussed how to keep a low profile in your preparation efforts to reduce the chance of others knowing about your available supplies and how to ensure you family is all on the same page regarding your self defense requirements.

Download the Coronavirus Preparation Manual

This extensive manual is the most complete and extensive reference of it’s kind and includes regular updates as more is discovered about the COVID-19 virus.  Painstakingly compiled and researched, it is the only manual of its type specifically created for the coronavirus pandemic and global crisis.

Because of the need to be constantly updated and with new content being continually added, this manual has been developed as an electronic document which can be viewed as PDF file on your computer or mobile device and is available for instant download.

An exhaustive amount of work and research has gone into the preparation of this Coronavirus Preparation Manual by a team of experts in their field.  The extensive writing and planning that has taken place is unique at many levels, and was prepared to meet the intensive demand for a manual of this type on such a critical subject.

You can order your digital copy of the Coronavirus Preparation Manual now for $18.95 which includes all updates and access to new research and content.   We accept all major payment methods and your purchase comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee for 90 days as it is important you feel satisfied with this important purchase.  We have taken great pride in the creation and production of this manual and are confident you will appreciate the value it provides in planning and preparing for your family’s safety and well being.

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Topics Included in this guide include…

  1. What to prepare for an emergency evacuation bag or bug out bag.
  2. How to create a plan for your family to know in the case of a rapidly developing situation.
  3. What to keep packed and ready in the case of the need to suddenly evacuate your home.
  4. How to plan for meeting places and evacuation routes in advance.
  5. Where to store emergency supplies off site in advance of an evacuation.
  6. The critical items you will need for an evacuation.

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